DNC Convention schedule missing some notable speakers

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the Democratic National Convention won't be a traditional one. As CNN.com reported, there will only be two hours of programming each night during next week's events. This limitation-- as well as the restrictions caused by the pandemic-- mean that there will be even more of a focus on those who are chosen to speak.

The DNC released their speaking schedule this week and some of the choices have caused some controversy. As NPR reported, high-profile Democrats Susan Rice and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams aren't on the list. Also missing from the list are former Vice President Al Gore and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

Rice was reportedly on Biden's short list for vice president while Abrams actively campaigned for the position.

Another name missing from the list was Andrew Yang, an entrepeneur who waged an uphill battle for the Democratic nomination. Some elected officials in California have spoken out in favor of Yang speaking at the convention and the former candidate has also noted that he was disappointed in the decision.

Not all of the speakers chosen for the convention though were given prime slots to share their message. According to reports, freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will only be given sixty seconds of speaking time for her prerecorded message.


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