Give SMBX Gift Bonds This Holiday Season—A Gift That Keeps on Giving


This holiday season, be part of the Small Business Saturday movement and give the gift of both sustainability and passive income with a SMBX Gift Bond --the gift that keeps on giving.*

“Small Business Bonds are the perfect gift at a time when supply chains are tight, inflation is rising, sustainability is critical, and cash and gift cards feel impersonal,” said SMBX CEO Ben Lozano. “Gifting Bonds gives friends and family a gift that gives back each month while supporting the dreams of small business owners.”

Small Business Saturday was created during the 2010 recession for communities to support the local businesses in their neighborhoods. Similarly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses struggled like never before and are still recovering. A recent survey of small businesses showed 34% closed since January 2020.

This year you can support these small businesses beyond buying a holiday gift--you can invest in them by giving Small Business Bonds. Giving a Bond provides the small business with the capital they need while your friends and family can earn passive income.*

SMBX is a financial marketplace that connects qualified small business owners with everyday investors. By issuing a Small Business Bond, businesses can borrow money from existing customers and their community at competitive rates, raising the funds needed to expand their business.

Giving Small Business Bonds provides recipients a gift that earns them monthly principal and interest. For example a $1,000 investment in a 7% Bond maturing over 5 years will pay over $188 in interest, or nearly $20 per month in principle and interest until the Bond is repaid.*

People in Washington, DC; Detroit; San Francisco; Denver; Los Angeles; New York; Vancouver, WA; and Erie, PA can give Bonds from businesses they know in their hometowns. Others will find diverse small business owners from every walk of life on the SMBX marketplace.

Here’s how SMBX Gift Bonds work:

  • Step 1: Choose the Small Business Bonds you’d like to give on the SMBX marketplace.
  • Step 2: Fill out the form on the gifting site to send to your recipient.
  • Step 3: SMBX will handle the rest and transfer the Bonds.

Learn more about gifting Small Business Bonds at

*Investing in Reg CF securities includes financial risks, including loss of money invested. All estimated returns on principal + interest are not guaranteed. This statement is based on the following assumptions: 1) an offering successfully closes and an investor is allocated a Bond or Bonds, 2) that the investor holds their Bonds to maturity and 3) that there are no defaults made by the issuer on any of the Bond payments from issuance to maturity.

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